Fluid Warming Cabinet

Fluid Warming Cabinet

Fluid Warming CabinetTanco is a renowned name when it comes to Fluid warming cabinet manufacturers in India. The fluid warming cabinet consists of a patented heating system and an air-mixing fan that distributes warmth and heat evenly to fluids placed inside it and thus achieves an extremely accurate set-point temperature. These warming cabinets have been exclusively designed for application in the maternity delivery suites, operation theaters, and emergency departments. They are alternatively called solution warmers, lotion/fluid warmers, heated lotion warmers, blood warmers and blanket warmers.

The outer chamber of the blood warming cabinet is made of mild steel which has been pre-treated and finished with a powder coated paint for a lasting finish. The back walls of the cabinet have been fitted with durable coaxial blowers for forced air circulation to maintain temperature uniformity in the chamber. At the front of the solution warmer, there is a full view made possible due to the inner plexiglass door. This enables inspection and monitoring of the specimens that are kept inside the cabinet. Along with these features, there is a door operated illumination lamp fitted inside the chamber for easier visibility. In between the inner and outer chamber, there is a layer of high-grade PUF/Glass wool insulation, to minimize to a negligible extent, any thermal losses. Inside the chamber, the heating is done by beaded heating elements that are made of high-quality Nichrome/Kanthal wires that are placed in the middle, bottom and sides of the air heaters for uniform heat distribution.

Features of Fluid Warming Cabinet:

  • Triple walled Microprocessor Controlled.
  • Mild Steel powder coated Construction
  • Storing I.V. Fluid Bags of Capacity up to 500ml.
  • Maintain Temperature of 120°F to 200°F.
  • Illumination lamp is fitted inside.
  • 2 or 3 removable shelves
  • Caster wheel mounted
  • Electronic Digital Temperature Indicator
  • Audio Visual Alarm incorporated

Specifications of Fluid Warming Cabinet:

Model No.FWC - 1FWC - 2FWC - 3FWC - 4
Usable Space405 x 405 x 405610 x 450 x 410845 x 500 x 400870 x 570 x 560
Approx Volume (Ltr)60 ltrs113 ltrs173 ltrs282 ltrs
Capacity2 cu.ft.4 cu.ft.6 cu.ft.10 cu.ft.
No. of Shelves2233
ConstructionInner Chamber Made of Stainless Steel (304 Grade)
Working Temperature120°F to 200°F
AlarmFor High & Low Temperature Deviation
DisplayLED Display
RelaySolid state electronic relay with protective heat sink.
IlluminationBy 8 watts Fluorescent Lamp
Air CirculationBy forced convection system
InsulationBy High density PUF/GLASS Wool insulation
OperationsNearly silent operation with ultra-low vibration
Electric Supply220/230V AC, 50/60Hz
Optional Accessories-Printing Facility
-Temperature Recorder
-Regulated Voltage

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