laboratory Incubator

Laboratory Incubator

Tanco is a leading name for the high-quality manufacturing of laboratory incubators in India. Also known as medical incubator, it is widely used in cell culture, tissue culture work, and other microbiological culture. These commercial incubators ensure that there is optimal temperature, humidity and other conditions such as carbon dioxide and oxygen maintained in the atmosphere inside the cell culture incubator. The laboratory incubator has so many applications and is extremely useful to the world of science and has thus received the name, ‘science incubator’.

Tanco believes in the utilization of an ultra-high-tech triple walled microprocessor controlled, solid-state heating/cooling incubator for growth and storage of bacterial cultures thus earning the name of a ‘bacterial incubator’ too. Laboratory incubators are specially designed for incubation of Biochemical Oxygen usually found in water and sewage. Incubation can be mixed with hybridization in the hybridization oven or mixing in incubator shakers. This scientific functionality enables environmental studies to take place by incorporating the necessary lighting as well as humidification systems. A laboratory incubator (also known as a microbiology incubator) is elegantly designed and is used in various fields of biology such as microbiology, cell cultivation of animals and plants and food studies where experiments are in dire need of low-temperature conditions. It can also be used for activation of various experiments, good storage, the desalting process of enzyme extracts, and preservation of vaccines and insulin.

Features of Laboratory Incubator

  • Can be customized according to requirements
  • Accessories include cord and plug
  • Easy portability due to caster wheel
  • Microprocessor-based LED display for Set Value (SV) and Process Value (PV)
  • Fitted with durable coaxial blowers for forced air circulation
  • Lock and key arrangement
  • No thermal loss due to high-grade PUF/Glass wool insulation

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