Laboratory Oven

Laboratory Oven

For over 60 years, TANCO, as a company, has been well known for manufacturing high quality and cost effective laboratory oven in India! A laboratory oven is used for high-forced volume thermal convection applications. TANCO’s efficient laboratory ovens are used for curing, drying, moisture removal, baking and various other testing procedures. As the laboratory oven has so many applications, it is also referred to as a scientific oven, medical oven, infrared oven and high temperature oven.The temperature inside the compact oven is regulated by a digital temperature indicator cum controller with an audio-visual alarm that is integrated with the battery pack that will be triggered in case of fluctuations that exceed the permissible level fitted on the front panel. It is no surprise that the ovens are termed as electric ovens, due to the high levels of mechanization present in this very machine. There are 3 removable shelves provided with this cabinet for proper placement of crystalloid fluids, or any other fluids.
These processes are useful in industries such as the microbiology laboratory, pharmaceutical laboratory, biomedical laboratory, food manufacturing industries, coal industry, chemical and paint industries, textiles, food and beverage markets, hospitals etc. Moisture removal is one of the most important necessities and reasons why so many people own laboratory ovens in the first place.

Special features of Laboratory Ovens

  • Custom-built laboratory ovens
  • Temperature uniformity in the chamber
  • Door operated illumination lamp
  • No thermal loss
  • Cabinet comes with a cord and plug

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